Christmasses 1 & 2, and the lead up to 3

24 12 2009

So it’s Christmas Eve (though we’re not in the drunk tank!) and I thought I’d briefly tell you about the 2 Christmasses so far!

Christmas #1

Sunday was our House Christmas. So after the morning Carol Service at Chertsy Street I dashed off home to start helping with lunch 🙂
Around half 1 we were all pretty hungry, and knowing that lunch wouldn’t be for a LONG time yet, we had microwaved mince pies and homemade mulled wine, both of which were lovely!

We had put up the tree on Saturday, which had involved an argument as to what tinsel is made of, metal or plastic. My arguement was that it was plastic (which is correct!), but my reasoning was flawed. I said that it wasn’t sticking to radiators and that was why… ah well, I was right in the end!

The arguement on Sunday was over a song which I can’t remember for the life of me, but while I claimed that it was the Jackson 5 singing, Jay insisted it was Hanson… this time he was right!

Lunch was incredible. Between us we consumed: an entire chicken, a tray of roasted potatos parsnips and carrots, 24 pigs in blankets, a tray of sausagemeat stuffing, some cranberry sauce, and that’s all i remember for now! We had an apple strudel in the oven, but none of us could face it after! So once we could move again we did secret santa presents, that we all seemed pleased with, I got some nice warm gloves.

Headed off to church again in the evening for a lovely candle lit service, so all in all it was a great house Christmas!!

Christmas #2

Tuesday was Christmas at work 🙂 So in the morning, we had communion at prayers, and then Santa arrived!! He doled out all the secret santa presents, so I got some lovely fruity toiletries, even some bath pearls that i haven’t had since I was little! ….that truly remained secret though!

We left at 4 due to weather/people needing to go home to get spouses, and so headed to someones house for a little while to get ready and stuff, and then went to a lovely hotel for dinner 🙂

Unfortunately, my lovely colleagues had misled me as to the size of the portions. I had been informed that they were rather small, so I ordered soup for a starter. It turned out that the portions were rather large. So after my lovely soup, I was pretty full! I ate about a sixth of my dinner, and maybe a third of the Christmas pudding… woops!

Lovely time though!

Stayed at Sue’s that night since I had no way to get back to Guildford, and got a train back in the morning before heading to lovely Romsey!

Today we did a tour of some Clewers, which is always fun, and had the other side of the family over this evening, which includes some little ones, which was great! Midnight service tonight to lead into Christmas proper.

For now we just watch some good Christmas TV and admire the sculpture my brother created from Duplo that was out for the little ones early!

Merry Christmas and Happy and Peaceful New Year to you all!!



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