The love of books

14 09 2010

Earlier this year, for lent, I gave up buying DVDs. They’ve reached the point where they are so cheap I was buying maybe a couple every 2 or 3 weeks – woops! So during lent I only bought 2, and they were for other people – if I have strict rules I can stick to them!

It seems my buying may now have switched to books. A week or 2 ago I put together an excel spreadsheet of all the books I owned, and it turns out I’ve only read about 60% of them. So we can probably see what my aim next lent will be! Again it’s the cheapness, charity shops are fantastic for picking up the stuff you want to read! The only other new books I’ve bought recently were on a 3 for £5 deal, a present, and the new Cecelia Ahern book, which I got at half the RRP anyway!

Now Cecelia Ahern seems to be a somewhat talented author! Me and a friend at work are a bit of a mini fanclub; over the last couple of months we’ve both read all the books she’s written, and the excitement preceding this latest one coming out in paperback was somewhat extreme… and worth the hype too. Since I started it I’ve barely put it down, I read it walking to the train station, on the train, in my lunch break, at my desk before 9am – whenever I can!

Which makes me wonder, why aren’t I as passionate and desperate as that with my Bible?



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