Friday Five Favourites: The works of Phoebe Buffay

30 03 2012

So today at work I had some priceless classics from Phoebe Buffay stuck in my head, so I thought this would be a fun topic for a Friday Five Favourites 🙂
Again, no particular order 🙂 (although the first 2 were the ones going round my head today!)

A song about grandparents

A song about barnyard animals

The shower song

The holiday song (including the earlier versions)

And of course the classic that made her famous – with an ending I’ve never seen before!

What’s your favourite Phoebe song?!

New Years Resolutions – review #2

26 03 2012

So I’ve left it a bit longer this time between reviewing my progress with this again – it’s been a pretty busy time since the last review as we’ve been busy trying to find somewhere new to live, and I think that may reflect in some of these – particularly just in the fact that some will have lapsed from most of my effort portion each day going into the house hunt! We’ll see…

  • Quit Corrie – A-OK! Caught myself glancing at the front of the magazines in waitrose the other day, but still no desire to watch it 🙂
  • Watch less tele – Bit of a fail on this lately, definitely noticed a habit of any random tv around tea time, so this evening we cracked out Series 1 Episode 1 of Gilmore Girls 🙂 And hopefully kicking some of the other resolutions up a gear will help with this too…
  • Exercise – Fail. Was due to run yesterday but woke up feeling really rough… made an enquiry with a local swimming pool this weekend though – might try that
  • Violin & Piano – Fail. Was going to get my violin out last weekend when my housemates were out, but then one stayed in and I was too self concious to give it a go.
  • Sewing – Not too shabby! Spent quite a bit of time on it this weekend as I’ve been able to move on with my project, should be done soon – will need to find something new to make to keep this up!
  • Reading – Finished One Day quite a while back, finished the last of my magazine subscription so now I should have no excuse. I was going to start Mere Christianity but still found it a bit daunting, so I’m working through Silences And Nonsenses by Adrian Plass at the mo, and then today I got leant the new Cecelia Ahern book, which I should hopefully read pretty quickly, so that’s next!
    All that said – I’ve not been reading anywhere near as often as I’d like to. On Saturday I spent a bit of time reading in the garden that was lovely. More of this weather might help!
  • Less of the irritating chattering – Who knows
  • Reduce time spent on social media – Proper fail. Again, like the TV one, need to improve some of the other resolutions to help with this one.
  • Learn to love God more – We’ve been going through a ‘season of prayer’ at church which has been really challenging and I do feel I’ve grown in it, and growing closer to God 🙂
  • Learn to think better of myself – Interestingly last week I heard a talk where they were saying about how we can be ugly and whatever and God loves us anyway. We can have our enthusiasm in Christ’s love for us to die for us… so this doesn’t necessarily mean I need to think better of myself does it? As long as I know that God does?
  • Have a more positive outlook – The whole house stuff lately has been stressful, but I’m mellowing about this. We won’t end up homeless. It’ll be ok!

Also, 5yearDiary is still going strong!

“It’s just not right”

25 03 2012

Friday night was Sport Relief, which raised a record breaking amount on the night and did a fab job of entertaining us all!

But one thing stood out to me, so many of the celebrities, on their VTs from the world poorest countries used this phrase: “It’s just not right”.

Last year Lenny Henry, Samantha Womack, Angela Rippon and Reggie Yates went and lived in the Kibera slums in Kenya, and the documentary was huge. I think it really brought it home to a lot of people what life is like for those who have to live like that on a day to day basis, and realised that we really need to do something about it.

So this year, Sport Relief seemed to have a much bolder attitude. In the past these sort of shows have sometimes felt a bit apologetic that they’ve had to interrupt the “fun” parts of the evenings with the VTs, but this year, with each video that they showed, they admitted that while it might be hard to watch, it’s something we need to see, to know what’s happening to people who are only seperated from us by geography.

A few years ago, I’d’ve been sat here sharing with you some of the funniest sketches and bits and pieces from the evening.
Today, I’d like to share with you some of the most powerful and challenging videos from the evening.
Most of these videos are about a named child. Not a statistic, a real person.
Definitely don’t feel obliged to watch them all, but I just thought I’d put up a selection.
There’s not a single one of these that isn’t moving, upsetting and challenging. So if you’re feeling fragile, just be warned…


Philip with David Walliams

Christine with Miranda Hart

Florence with Miranda Hart

Benjamin with Lorraine Kelly

Jose with Lorraine Kelly

Vaccines with John Bishop

Kariatu (little bit of a guess at the spelling) with John Bishop

Catriona with JLS

Margaret with JLS

After one VT, I forget which one, Davina McCall was struggling to keep it together as she did the next link – I was impressed with how composed she was considering how upsetting I’d found it, but again, it was really good to see that these videos were affecting the presenters, not an inconvenience to the show, but the point of the whole thing. It’s a real problem.

I’d really encourage you to donate to Sport Relief. Just because they raised a record total that doesn’t mean it’s enough. Just because we are winning the battle against poverty it does not mean that the fight is over – there’s a long way to go!

The other thing I’d like to give you as an option if you don’t like to give and not know exactly where your money is going, then maybe consider sponsoring a child with Compassion UK. I’m not speaking as a member of staff here, but as a sponsor – I’m building a personal relationship with my sponsored kids, and getting to know them and hearing what the money does – incredible!

Five Favourite Flowers

23 03 2012

I quite enjoyed my last post finding my five favourite Disney songs, so thought maybe I’d do it with flowers! It’s spring, flowers are coming into bloom all over the place and looking lovely – it seems appropriate 🙂
Again, no particular order, but here’s some of my favourite flowers!

Once we get to spring you can get bunches so cheaply in the supermarket I tend to keep some on the go at all times – brightens up the house and lifts my mood out of winter a bit! This is one from when I was doing this at uni

Specifically these bigger ones, I think this was taken on holiday in Jersey

Like colourful daisies! This was my friend Becky’s wedding bouquet – my bridesmaids bouquet can be seen in the background 🙂

My housemate, Arianne, has some for her birthday and they’re totally beautiful, and the house smells amazing!

Sadly not my photo, and I couldn’t find one to do real life tulips justice, these could possibly edge their way in as an actual favourite if they’re not careful!

Obvious question – what’s your favourite flower?!

I wonder if I could have enough ideas to do Five Favourite Friday post… gosh that’d be a challenge! Are there enough things out there for it to last? Would it be of any interest?

Favourite Disney Song?

21 03 2012

On Saturday I had a pretty late drive home with my friend Sabine, so we put on the Disney CD for a singalong to keep us chirpy! It made me wonder what my favourite Disney song might be…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think it’s possible to have a favourite, so I’ve tried instead to put together my top five! For the sake of fairness and equality I’ve also tried to limit it to one song per film, and I don’t think there’s any way I could put them in a particular order! (No Disney Pixar songs here, we’re talking Classic Disney, which sadly excludes Toy Story! 😦 )

Here goes:

Part of your world – The Little Mermaid
Comes with memories of youth club evenings in Romsey Memorial Park, sat on the swings and belting this out with some friends!

I just can’t wait to be king – The Lion King
Although I could have chosen nearly any song from this film!

Friend like me – Aladdin

Some day my prince will come – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Surely this is the point of Disney?

The work song – Cinderella

That was actually really difficult – a lot of choice! Feels more like a random selection of 5 Disney songs than necessarily favourites!

Do you have favourite Disney songs? Are you able to pick an actual favourite?!

Psalm 121

16 03 2012

I thought I’d share with you all one of my favourite Psalms.
This week’s been getting pretty stressful the more the week goes on, but this afternoon this just came to mind.

I challenge you to read through it, but not to rush. Read it a line at a time, reflect on each sentence, or even each part of each sentence… isn’t our God incredible?
Who are we to worry?!

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, he who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.

The LORD watches over you—
the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.

The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.

What we’re taught at school

10 03 2012

Last weekend I was at my parents and mum had dug out a whole load of my old primary school work for me to go through and decide what was worth keeping and recycle the rest.

I spent most of the Saturday reading through science, history and geography stuff from junior school, and found some of it really interesting, it was like reading it for the first time!

Which begs the question my mum asked – what’s the point in teaching those things at school? Who honestly remembers all the facts they learn about the Romans or the names of the muscles or different settlement types?

There’s obviously value in methods and processes like maths and English, things that are life skills. But random facts – was that really worth the effort they put in?!

It was interesting to read it all, don’t get me wrong, but I barely remembered any of it! Maybe it’s just me…

Do you remember those things you learnt at school?