Wisdom from the Lion King

4 04 2012

Before I start this post, I must remind you of this blogs tagline: “I like to think of my blog as the beginning of a thought that could probably do with some refining, rewriting and expanding a bit later”

On Sunday afternoon I watched the Lion King – an absolute classic I think you’ll agree. To the level at which I was once at a quiz evening when a question was “What is the first spoken word in the film, The Lion King” and I got it! – Let me know if you’re curious and can’t get it 🙂

So there were a couple of lines that stood out to me in it:

First, when Simba is running away from Nala, Timon and Pumba who are trying to insist he return to The Prideland, he is confronted by a shape in the clouds, which is in the form of Mufasa, who speaks to him to encourage him. He says: “You have forgotton who you are, and so you have forgotton me. Remember who you are, you are my son”

The second, when Mufasa and Simba have had their little chat in the cloud, Simba sees what he must do and heads back to the Prideland to regain his throne. But he does this without letting the gang know where he’s gone off to! So they’re left confused, and Rafiki, who had led Simba to the Mufasa cloud, says to them “You won’t find him here! The king has returned”
Sounds a tad familiar – rather Easter morning-y don’t you think?

Can you think of any other good quotes from The Lion King?
Obviously there’s Pumba’s lighter words of scientific wisdom…



One response

5 04 2012

Good work my friend! I’ve often noticed this too. We all need to keep remembering who we are – sons and daughters of the King!

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