Friday Five Favourite: Easter Songs

6 04 2012

Christmas carols are as common as anything everywhere in the country each December, but Easter songs are definitely not as well known.

On this Good Friday, nothing seemed more appropriate for my five friday favourite than to share some of my favourite Easter songs with you.

Some songs, like In Christ Alone (and that linked version has the most incredible key change in the middle of verse three!) fit perfectly well at Easter, but are sung all year round that I decided to leave them out, incredible though that song is.
I also left out classics like Thine be the Glory (choose from classic, funky, or totally modern!), mainly because I couldn’t have 6 songs, but also because I thought I’d go for some that were either less well known, or not typical Easter, just so I’m not sharing things people already know!

Though I’m posting this on the Friday, a lot of these have more of an element of the Sunday morning, which reminds me of a great song that didn’t quite make the cut, but I love the attitude… “It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming” (that video also has some of those classic American church signs…)

He has risen
Every Easter I end up ringing my dad some point before the Sunday asking if we’re going to sing this on the Sunday. Nothing like it for the Easter Morning celebration! I don’t know if it was just at Romsey Baptist we had the awesome clapping pattern for it leading into the chorus… sadly it’s not in this recording!

See what a morning (Resurrection Hymn)

Led like a lamb

The wonderful cross

Happy Day
Another ridiculously celebratory Easter song – yes it is a bit of a year round one, but I once went to a Crossbeam gig on Easter Sunday evening in Southampton and they opened with this, it was like a proper party!

How many of those did you know? What did you think of them? What are your favourite Easter songs?



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29 03 2013
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