Friday Five Favourites: Children’s TV shows (proper ones!)

20 04 2012

We all know kid’s TV ain’t what it used to be, so here are my five favourite programs that I watched when I was little.
When I say kid’s TV, I don’t mean after school shows like The Wild House and Blue Peter, maybe I’ll leave that for another time, but this list is those 10 minute long preschool shows. I’ve tried to stick with stuff that was on in the early 90s, I could have included things like Watch With Mother, Bill and Ben or Andy Pandy, (all links to episode videos πŸ™‚ ) but those were more from the 50s I think! Things I watched because my parents had loved them (not the silly new colour animated versions!). I guess the list below should qualify as the programs I’d make my kids watch if I had them because I loved them as a kid!

Postman Pat

I love Jess. I have a toy cat called Jess, very like the Jess in this except that she’s female and stripey, but I was little when my Grandma gave her to me, and she’s wonderful.

Fireman Sam

I honestly never realised this was a Welsh programme until I was a grown-up. Seriously.
Wait – I’m a grown up?!

Rosie and Jim

I think my brother and I had dolls named Rosie and Jim as well πŸ™‚ – and there was a model of a duck in my Grandma’s garden that looked a bit like the one in this – I like ducks!

Spot the Dog

Come Outside

Apologies of the choice of episode, this is just by far the most memorable! (And it only says CBeebies in the corner because it was so good that they still repeat them πŸ™‚ ).
Just make sure you watch for the spotty plane around 7min.
My favourite bit of trivia I learnt about this show this week is that it was created by a woman called Elizabeth Bennett!

Other Classics: PC Pinkerton, Brum (0.00-1.20 & 7.43-9.21), Astro Farm, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Tots TV. (Links are just tv theme tunes)
Could totally have included Countdown on this list as I was made to be a fan from a young age, but it’s not exactly kids TV!

So there you have it.
What were you’re favourite childhood TV programs? (No matter what decade that may have been!!)



5 responses

20 04 2012
Emma King

Loved Play Days πŸ™‚ Didn’t realise until I was much older that Why Bird was so called because she asked lots of questions. Rosie the Roundabout was amazing; my favourite episodes πŸ™‚

20 04 2012

How on earth did I miss out Playdays?! I loved that!! Whybird and Roundabout were my favourites too, I loved how the Roundabout one finished with a complete song πŸ™‚ x

21 04 2012

How did I also miss family ness?!

19 04 2013
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