Items from the clearout!

20 04 2012

So we’re in the process of moving, which is the best way to motivate a clearout EVER!

I’ve already got rid of some kitcheny things, and as a house we are fast becoming Oxfam’s main supplier, but below are some things I’d love to either give to someone who could use them and enjoy them, and one thing (so far) that’s up ‘for sale’.

Ideally this would be people *I know* in Surrey or Romsey to avoid postage… yea, this blog post is only really aimed at people I know in real life – sorry!

For Sale
2 Man tent, made by Blacks, quite a few years old but well looked after. Only for sale as last year I bought a 3 man for a bit more space.

Giving away
Various music books:

  • Flute playalong with CD books? (I guess they’d also work with any other instrument in C at similar pitching eg violin?) I have Shrek 1&2, Beatles and Grease!
  • Violin Disney Movie Magic – no CD (again, most instruments in C should work?)
  • Abracadabra Violin 1&2 (starts at beginner level and works up a bit)
  • The Young Violinist’s Repertoire Book 1 Violin & Piano parts (little indication of level but all pieces are in 1st position)

Boot’s own brand hair straighteners (to give you an idea of quality, they were only £10 when they were new!)

…I’ll try to keep this updated as things get added/removed and repost it on facebook/twitter as appropriate



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