We’ve got work to do

22 09 2012

As mentioned previously, I’m currently using N.T. Wright’s bible study books for my quiet time, and I’m on Philippians at the moment. (and still looking for good Old Testament equivalent recommendations 🙂 )

This week I reached a pretty familiar verse,

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” – Philippians 1v21

A lot of the time this is quoted it’s on it’s own… but just to add to this, further down the paragraph we also read,

“I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body.” – Philippans 1vv23-24

What Paul is saying is that he’d rather be in heaven, but there’s lots to be done here on earth for now. So if our time here ‘in the body’ is only limited, shouldn’t we be making the most of the time we have? (And I’m speaking to myself here as much as anyone else!)

I was chatting to some friends a while ago and we were trying to work out and clarify what it is that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe (bear with me, I’ve got a point!). I think we agreed that they believe only a limited number of people get into heaven, and yet they spend all their time making sure other people know what they believe to be the truth, because that’s what they do with their time on earth. Now it may be that the more people they “get into heaven” the higher up the priority list they get to get one of the coveted spaces, we weren’t completely sure on that point, but isn’t it great that they’re so passionate about sharing what they believe while they can?

In our limited time here on this suffering planet, where there is death, mourning, crying and pain, shouldn’t we be doing all we can to share the good news? As a Christian, I believe there’s no limit on the number of people who will fit inside those pearly gates, so why on earth am I not telling everyone I see? Completely strangers, let alone those I’m close to and love!

What a challenge – a bit scary, hey?



2 responses

23 09 2012
Becky Coldrick

In Revelation it does limit those who enter Heaven to 144000, doesn’t it? Or do you think this is metaphorical?

7 10 2012

Hey Becky
Having had a look into it, I think it’s metaphorical, later in the chapter it says that the number is too many to count! There seems to be a consensus that Revelation is more of a piece of art.
Have sent you a longer email about it 🙂 xx

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