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29 09 2012

In November my current phone contract runs out, and as the signal is rubbish where I currently live I’m looking to change networks and get a shiny new phone!

For the last two years I’ve used an HTC Wildfire which runs on Andriod 2.2 (Froyo) and I’ve loved it! It’s slowed down a bit before the end, but I know for sure I want my next phone to be an Android, but other than that I’d love some input.

The three main Android phone handset manufacturers at the moment are Samsung, HTC and Sony. Obviously Samsung are doing very well at the moment, HTC seem to be fading, and the new Sony range is so new I’ve heard nothing about them (I guess that’s the main reason for this post!)

I’m not looking to spend too much more than £20 a month, so I’m not looking at big flash phones. On top of that, I don’t really want a massive phone as I like to be able to fit it in my pocket.

The three I’ve been looking at have been the HTC Desire C, the Sony Xperia U, and Samsung wise I really have no idea.

I’d like to go for as new an operating system as possible so that it can last the two years that most contracts seem to require these days. The current OS is Ice-Cream Sandwich, v4.0 (at least, I’ve not seen anything on Jelly Bean, v4.1 yet).

Has anyone tried the new Sony phones yet? If you were to recommend Samsung, which handset would you recommend? Does anyone have any advice or opinion on these various bits and pieces? 🙂
Thanks in advance!



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29 09 2012

Ben has a Sony Active because it’s small, light and ruggedised (water/shock proof – he normally destroys phones in less than 18 months). That runs ICS and seems to work well, but he actually received another phone which he sold on because no-one is doing the Active on a contract, and he bought it himself.

For a ‘budget’ Samsung the galaxy SII is meant to be good.

Nokias run either their own Symbian (light, fast, few apps) or Windows phone (heavy, needs powerful phones, few apps) but have a V good reputation for reception & workings *as phones*. The older ones are being let go a bit cheaper right now.

See also here:

And here:

My contract is up in Dec. I don’t want a large smartphone, but the HTC desire Z isn’t well spec’d. Might even go back to a candybar for the sake of light weight, call quality and long battery life.

30 09 2012

Thanks Toni, I’ll have a look at them this afternoon 🙂

30 09 2012

Having looked at those three I’m keener on the htc desire c and sony xperia u now! I guess next stage is to try them out in a shop somewhere and compare contracts a bit! also, while it said the xperia is due an ICS upgrade this summer, I’d want to check that out too!

30 09 2012

I have heard good things about the Samsung, but they are BIG phones so that goes against your wishes.

I am hearing good things about Windows Mobile on Nokia from a couple of sources, incidentally.

30 09 2012

this whole windows phone thing makes me a little nervous… I guess we’ll wait and see!

1 10 2012

I know someone with a winpho Nokia (910 IIRC). Bought because it was cheap for a powerful phone, she finds it un-intuitive and clunky. However you should try, because everyone is different.

If you want a physically small phone (or no bigger than the Desire) have a look at the HTC one Z – it’s a nice feeling phone, and a bit cheaper than many (reason – slower processor and smallish memory). Look for phones with 3.5″ or smaller screens.

3 10 2012
9 10 2012

So…. any decisions yet?

9 10 2012

read this last night and massively leaning towards it now 🙂


11 10 2012

That might be good, though the 512Mb RAM might be a problem. The review talks about there being 2Gb available for apps, but my HTC stores all the apps in RAM (except those that you can move to SD card) and keeping enough memory free for healthy performance is a headache. Other issues are that it’s still running Android 2.3 (now superceded twice, and in all seriousness, unlikely to get updated whatever Sony say) too many poor apps that you may not be able to delete and the poor camera.

You’d have to try it, but it might not be my first choice at this price point.

Might be worth looking out for the new Samsung SIII mini, if it comes in a bit cheaper (should do – lower spec than SIII, smaller screen etc).

11 10 2012

oh yea, definitely wouldn’t touch it until the ICS upgrade!

16 10 2012

Looks like the SIII mini isn’t special after all, and instead a re-shelling of the galaxy ace. Probably adequate and running jellybean, but it’s not a smaller SIII.

My personal fave is looking more & more like the SII, though there’s a mild inclination for the iPhone 4S because of its recording abilities (I could use it like an audio note-pad with the right connectors) and the camera seems less terrible than that of most phones. I’ll see what’s happening around Christmas – often prices seem to spike in December – but it may be best to wait for January when no-one is buying stuff. Might even just buy a phone outright & then get a £10/month giffgaff SIM that gives me everything I get now except a phone (600min/500txt/500Gb).

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