New Years Resolutions – review #3

1 10 2012

I last reviewed my New Years Resolutions in March, so I guess I’m long overdue!

Who can really remember their resolutions by October anyway? The only reason I know mine is because I minuted them on this blog!

Anyway, with a third of a year to go, here’s how things are going.

  • Quit Corrie – Done and done! Catch the occasional episode when I’m at my parents, but those times I also catch an episode of Gardeners World – That doesn’t make me a Gardeners World watcher!
  • Watch less tele – The long version of this one was to watch less tele for the sake of tele and only put it on to watch things I want to watch. This has gone very well. In April we moved house and went a while without tv and internet at which point I got very into TV box sets. Over the summer, barring the Olympics, I’ve barely watched any tele as there was so little on. The last couple of weeks a lot of the good tele has started coming back, with Strictly, Buzzcocks, QI etc, but I’m still not watching the trash between them, which is good.
  • Exercise – err… I started swimming regularly at the beginning of June. I went once!
  • Violin & Piano – Since the move I have a lot less space, so the keyboard has gone to live at mum and dads, and the violin is safely tucked away at the back of my bed. I’d like to get it out one day, but the house is rarely empty.
  • Sewing – Again, no space, so the sewing machine is safely tidied away.
  • Reading – I blogged about the books I’d read so far in May, the book at the bottom of that list lasted me a long time, I’ve finished one more book since then and am on another now, which again is a thinker and going a bit slowly, but I’m enjoying it. Not reading as much as I have at some points this year, but I think that’s mainly down to busyness, and to falling asleep at night before I can read much
  • Less of the irritating chattering – up to you guys!
  • Reduce time spent on social media – I removed the facebook app from my phone this week. Partly a memory issue, but partly to limit my use of it to when I’m at home. But my evenings are pretty social media heavy when I’m not out at things…
  • All a little more personal

  • Learn to love God more
  • Learn to think better of myself
  • Have a more positive outlook

And, I’m still going on the 5yearDiary!



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