Big ideas: Compulsory indicating

16 06 2013

What if a car steering wheel was locked other than a very small angle for road bends, unless you had your indicator on? So if you indicated left it’d let you steer left for the next 30 seconds, and the same for right, but otherwise you could just vary a little bit. It would make things far simpler!

Obviously there’s narrow angle junctions where people would get away with it, and I guess there’s some sharper bends in the road that may cause problems.

The other alternative, a little more expensive to implement is to tie car sat navs in with indicators… hmm maybe not!



5 responses

19 06 2013
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[…] the suggestion of colour coded paint markings to indicate speed limits, then earlier this week my compulsory indicators suggestion. I have been spending a lot more time than normal inside my car this week, so maybe that […]

21 06 2013

Clearly you’ve never had to swerve suddenly to avoid certain death. A locked steering wheel would get me killed around here!

21 06 2013

good point! maybe it would have to have some sort of emergency override….maybe this isn’t going to work!

28 06 2013

Maybe an indicator that automatically goes on when your steering wheel turns?

28 06 2013

I guess… it’d be a bit late, but better late than never! and I guess it’d be a bit dodge on roundabouts when you steer left first no matter where you’re going

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