My car is a “she”

25 03 2014

My car is called Rosie.

  • I’ve had her just over 3 years, she is ten years old, and has her own little personality.
  • If you go over a bump in the road, or even a drain cover, the CD player skips, and sometimes stops altogether.
  • If you sit in traffic and put the windscreen wipers on, the signal cuts out at the top of each sweep.
  • If you unlock the car and don’t do anything after 30 seconds she locks like any other car – but she doesn’t know that you’ve opened the drivers door, so she locks even if you open that.
  • The passenger window only goes part way down.
  • The headlight went about 5 times in 3 years because of a dodgy cable.

There are probably many things I’ve forgotten here.

But she has character, and I love her for it!

I get laughed at for saying she has character, or even that I call her a she or give her a name.

Yet don’t people call expensive boats and cars “she”? I think it gives her value, I don’t think it’s silly at all!
She has her little faults, but she’s dependable 🙂

seat arosa

Big Ideas: T-Plates

19 06 2013

It seems after a couple of years of driving I’m coming up with several ways to improve the roads in the UK… probably all have been thought of before but still! First there was the suggestion of colour coded paint markings to indicate speed limits, then earlier this week my compulsory indicators suggestion. I have been spending a lot more time than normal inside my car this week, so maybe that explains it!

Anyway, here’s a third – I actually wrote to the Department for Transport about this one when I passed my driving test.

When someone has an L plate, you know it means they’re a learner and so to give them a bit of extra space.
When someone has a P plate, you know it means they’ve recently passed their test and are getting used to driving on their own, and so, again, to give them a bit of extra space and have patience.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m driving somewhere new for the first time, I feel a bit like a new driver again, working out what lane to be in, which exit of the roundabout, and maybe making a few mistakes along the way. I think Tourists often need just as much space as a new driver – I’m still yet to try out driving in the centre of London, but the day I do (if ever) I know I’ll want people to have patience with me!

So that’s what I propose, we have L plates and P plates, what about T plates for Tourists? What do you think?!

And just because I think this has been one two many car related posts this week…

What colour should T Plates be?!

Big ideas: Compulsory indicating

16 06 2013

What if a car steering wheel was locked other than a very small angle for road bends, unless you had your indicator on? So if you indicated left it’d let you steer left for the next 30 seconds, and the same for right, but otherwise you could just vary a little bit. It would make things far simpler!

Obviously there’s narrow angle junctions where people would get away with it, and I guess there’s some sharper bends in the road that may cause problems.

The other alternative, a little more expensive to implement is to tie car sat navs in with indicators… hmm maybe not!