Royal Baby – it’s a boy! Next: guess the names!

22 07 2013

How exciting! So although most people thought they were having a little girl (I’m afraid that teddy probably went to the dog), the Prince of Cambridge was born this afternoon!

The next guessing game is going to be on the name! When William was born his name wasn’t announced for a week, but Harry was the same day so who knows when we’ll hear!

In my last blog I said my money was on George William, but we know they tend to have a lot of names, and more have come to light over the day, so here’s my list of 10 of the possibilities. I’d like to think that if he has 4 names, which seems to be fairly normal, he’d have at least a couple from this list!

  • George – This is the bookies favourite, one of Charles’ middle names, name of the Queen’s father and many British Monarchs, but importantly, not the name of any current senior royal.
  • James – Another name going back in British monarch history, also the name of Catherine’s brother, which I don’t knnow if it’d be enough to make it less likely, but again, not a current senior royal name.
  • Spencer – This was Diana’s surname, William’s uncle is the Earl Spencer, it’d be a nice tribute for a middle name as Diana is obviously now out of the question this time around.
  • Charles – Lots of family links here. William’s father and uncle, also a middle name for Harry and lots of British Kings of the past. But maybe a bit confusing to have Grandad’s name?
  • Arthur – A middle name for Charles and William so probably a strong candidate for a middle name again, obviously a pretty famous King too!
  • Philip – Name of the Queen’s husband, also another middle name of Charles and William, but a bit close to home with his current health?
  • John – Again no senior royals of this name currently and t was the name of one of the Queen’s uncles.
  • Louis – the last of Williams middle names, maybe a little French but it’s maybe more likely than Tyler!
  • David – a good King-y name, but not very likely. I don’t think they’d want people thinking he was named after the Prime Minister! Though it is one of Harry’s middle names.
  • Michael – Not sure where this stands in British history, but it is the name of Kate’s Father, so not out of the question, maybe a middle name?

So there we go – what do you think they’ll call him?!



3 responses

26 07 2013

Spencer is a surname, unless Tyler or Chantelle is another acceptable choice. 🙂

26 07 2013

Oh I know, just thought it’d be a lovely tribute, if they put it in as like 3rd or 4th name I’m sure people would have got the classy style of it!

2 05 2015
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