Welcome One Another

29 09 2013

A week behind, this is last Sunday’s sermon, but hopefully I’ll catch up on these soon enough!

We looked at Romans 15v7 and Romans 16 vv 1-16

To welcome can also mean to accept, to greet, to receive.
It means to look beyond the physical, look beyond the differences, and see them as children of God.

People long for a sense of acceptance.

We’re naturally drawn into friend groups. That’s good, and it’s a God given gift, but we need to not get stuck in them.
It’s good to have close friendships, but not to be exclusive. It’s hard for new people and visitors to break in.

There’s a positive to facebook in that it allows you to know something about what’s going on in someones life, and so when you see them in person to have something to ask them about.

Woman and slaves may have been bottom of the pile, but in Romans 16 Paul spends half of the list bothering to greet them. How do we treat those who are vulnerable and lonely?

Everyone has been invited into God’s family. Christians are those who have accepted the welcome.
Jesus is the welcome of God to us. He opened His arms on the cross and welcomed us home.
The parable of the prodigal son is the strongest example of this.

“Christ will shine forever, loves unfading splendour”



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