Welcome one another – part 2

4 10 2013

I don’t intend to double up on these every week, but again at housegroup this week I noted something I want to mention.

A lot of the content of the sermon and the housegroup discussion seemed to go back to coffees after the service, and how we tend to just stand like a lemon, waiting for someone to talk to us, or just talk to the people we want to talk to.

The idea was to encourage us to talk to someone different, but part of me wonders what’s wrong with it being an opportunity for me to talk to my friends, some of them it’s the only time I see them in the week.

And anyway, if you’re going to keep saying how none of us want to talk to each other, why do I want to put someone through talking to me who obviously doesn’t want to?

Just a thought…..



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