The Good Samaritan – retold

14 11 2013

On Sunday we had a guest speaker from Open Doors, and for his children’s talk he told the story of the good Samaritan, a parable Jesus told to illustrate what He meant by loving our neighbour, but not as I’d heard it ever before!

The problem with this story in the church is that “Samaritan” means something totally different to us. In the context of the bible story, a Samaritan is someone from the neighbouring country, a foreigner, not a friend. In the present day in the west, A a Samaritan makes us think of this parable where we have learnt that he is the ‘goodie’, it makes us think of the charity the Samaritans, who help people.

So on Sunday the guest speaker told the story this way, and I found it pretty helpful!:

There was a Christian man who went to a business meeting, it was in a slightly dodgy part of town, and as he left the meeting he was mugged. He was left on the side of the road near a church and a pub. The church had just finished choir practice, and the choir mistress came out the church, she thought he was one of the drunks from the pub and left him be. Shortly after the vicar came out of the church, and also kept well away. Just after that, two men came out of the pub. They saw the man, and called for an ambulance. They went to the hospital with him, stayed with him, and looked after him.

Maybe the “choir mistress” part still makes it a tad old school, but in comparison to 2000 years ago on a different continent, I think this version is far more relateable, don’t you?

Have you heard any good modern retellings of parables?



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