Peer pressure

18 07 2014

I never thought of myself as someone who succumbed to peer pressure.

When you hear the phrase peer pressure I don’t know what comes to mind, but I think of things like under-age drinking, smoking, and all that jazz, none of which I even got close to trying at school, or after! These day’s I’m virtually tee-total other than the occasional champagne toast at a wedding, or 1 or 2 Pimms in a summer tops (in fact last year I found a yummy non-alcoholic equivalent to that!)

So anyway, I was never someone who went with the crowd at school, or let what other people thought affect what I did. And I though that was it.

Today I realised I was totally falling for it though, just not in the typical genre. A few of us have been doing a “boot camp” thing after work on Fridays, and I was adamant that at 29C it was too hot and I wouldn’t go today, but because every week I’ve been the person not wanting to go and being pretty negative about it, I got teased and told I should go along anyway. Even though I thoroughly believed it was a stupid thing to do to do strenuous exercise when I could barely handle the heat sat under a tree at lunchtime, I went along with them and went to get changed into appropriate attire.

I then realised what was happening, and started to beat myself up mentally for being so useless at standing up for myself, and so it was only when I came back out to my friends, obviously upset and moody, that they of course said I could just go home if I wanted, which is what I did, but until they said that, I was just going along with what they said to make sure they didn’t think I was useless or pathetic. That’s peer pressure right there.

Even though I’m sure none of them intended it to be peer pressure, they were only doing it with my best interests at heart, I really didn’t handle it well at all.

I guess there’s all different kinds of peer pressure, and lots more we keep learning about ourselves every day!



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