Internet highlights w/c 16th November 2014

22 11 2014

TV presenter wears the same suit every day for a year to highlight sexism – and 12 months later, no one noticed!

A woman binge-watched season one of Gilmore Girls and did a bullet point running commentary as she went!

Henman, McInroe & Cash vs Murray in the tennis

Comprehensive history of Brad Pitt’s hairstyles

BEST winter jumpers!

Chocolate is running out so prices are going to go up…

The downside of BandAid

Successful people wear the same thing every day

They’re looking into a bridge to the Isle Of Wight!

Hunger Games Charts

BandAid does nothing to show the positive side of Africa

Warnings that Netflix should give

The size of the universe

The snow in Buffalo, NY

The Pope is raffling off presents he’s received to raise money for the poor

Best dog poses EVER

Jeremy Vine caught speeding on his push-bike

Jamie Oliver disciplines his kids by feeding them hot peppers!

School kid makes £14,000 selling sweets to fellow pupils – now facing suspension

Lammily, the normal barbie

Some of the best film hair & make-up ever

Rebel Wilson doing a blind infomercial on the Ellen show



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