Internet highlights w/c 23rd November 2014

29 11 2014

First Great Western launch a campaign to reunite lost teddy bears with their owners for Christmas

Tesco agree to hide front pages of newspapers from children and just show newspaper names on the stands

Squirrel steals a camera and takes it up a tree

Lego instructions for parents in the 70s

Bucket lists are inherently individualistic, and not where we should find our fulfilment

The Busy World of Richard Scarry in the 21st Century

Tetley insure their Master Blender’s tastebuds for £1million

Dropped beer bottle smashes new glass walkway at the top of Tower Bridge

Google’s HQ is statically charging people walking by

The best “Shake it off” video

South Korea ban selfie sticks

Another article about Band Aid – this time a reminder that we’re called to help without showing off about it.

Weird German expressions

The Queen reminds us that while Ebola is obviously a massive issue, more people are dying each week from Malaria.

They’re considering getting rid of “Reverse round a corner” from the driving test!

The Guardian does an overview of seemingly idyllic life in Romsey!

The danger of Christian Celebrity

Malasia Airlines next problem – Their own tweeting

Scripture Union are putting Christian Christmas Comics in Foodbank hampers 🙂 Donate here!

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Always an adventure following Jesus.

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