Internet highlights w/c 11th January 2015

17 01 2015

Hidden bits in Disney films

Zac Efron sings Let It Go – sort of

Cat went missing – it was in front of the TV!

Cadbury’s are downgrading the chocolate on Creme Eggs

Woman loses the weight of her three children

Social media box sets

One reason why some women find it hard to accept compliments

Booktrust are helping out foodbanks

Geraldine Granger is The Bishop of Dibley for Comic Relief

The ultimate revenge – Ship your enemies glitter!

Words for book lovers that need to exist

Study shows that most school pupils don’t shower after P.E. – big shock….

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I’ve spent some time wondering at Dumbeldore’s rationale for hiring Gilderoy Lockhart and I’ve reached the following conclusion: When Dumbledore met Lockhart, all he thought was “Oh, this is going to be hilarious.”



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