Sermon Notes: In Christ Alone – Romans 8 vv 9-39

20 01 2015

I’m a couple of weeks behind in my sermon notes, but I feel it’s important not to skip – they’ve been pretty good ones! These are my notes from 4th January. This was quite a hard Sunday for most of us as we had just lost a very significant (if that’s the right word) church member over the New Year (in fact the funeral was yesterday), so we were hurting, and our Pastor chose to write his sermon to address this.

Romans 8 vv 9-39

Creation currently struggles with floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, famines, drought, cancer, unemployment and injustice, to name a few.

In v18 Paul talks about “our present sufferings”, this could be broken relationships, financial problems, hunger, rejection, disappointment, loneliness, death of a loved one.

And yet Paul says these “are not worth comparing” with our future glory! This was promised way back in Isaiah.

The original good creation, Eden, was free from the effects of sin, the relationship between God and humans was perfect. Working the garden was not a frustration, there was no pain or death.

This was disrupted by human rebellion.

We have a future hope of resurrected and glorified bodies in a new heaven and a new earth, free from sorrow, pain and death. But while we’re in mortal bodies on this fallen earth, infected with the effects of sin, we long for a greater glory.

Yes Lazarus was raised, but not to his glorious resurrected body – he would have died a second time.

We are adopted as children of God, but we don’t yet fully possess our inheritance. We are like named beneficiaries of a will, who wait to inherit what it contains.

A woman goes through labour pains because of the hope of holding the child in the near future. Similarly, believers live with the groans of the fallen world in the hope of seeing it freed when Jesus returns at the end of the age. We need this truth when we face heartache.

We don’t yet fully see our future hope, we may get glimpses, but we must wait with patience and hope. The Holy Spirit will sustain us – when we don’t know how to pray He even intercedes on our behalf (v26)

The purpose of this life is to become more and more like Jesus. Whatever our trials, God promises to finish His work in us.

We will go through sufferings in this life, but He will go with us.

We have recently lost two members of our congregation, they were both people who had a big smile on their face, they were like Him, and ready to meet Him. Both of their lives shone out His glory and joy even with the sufferings they faced.

We pray for people to be healed on earth, but when they are, they are not yet set free or given their resurrection bodies.

Our prayers have been answered. They received the greatest healing.

Death is not the end for the believer, but the gateway to our eternal inheritance.



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