Sermon Notes: The LORD God Almighty

19 07 2015

I haven’t done a blog writing up my sermon notes in a fair while. I’ve had many busy weekends that result in napping on a Sunday afternoon, and once the weeks piled up I just put it off for ages, so sorry about that!

That said, this morning we had a great and encouraging sermon looking at Revelation 4 & 5 and I thought I’d share what I scribbled down:

  • Handel wrote the Oratorio of the Messiah over 15 days, sometimes working more than 20 hours in a day, in response to these two chapters.
  • John saw this vision, not from somewhere safe and bright, but while in exile for declaring “Jesus is LORD!”
  • John, having seen this vision, is reduced to using items and words of this world to attempt to describe the LORD God Almighty. The English language just isn’t capable of this!
  • We worship to proclaim to all powers – Our God reigns!
  • This reality we live in is temporary and passing away, we’re preparing for something eternal.
  • When down in the dumps, check out these chapters – it’s not going to be boring in heaven!
  • The best theology results in worship, not just head knowledge.
  • The reason worship is so relevant for our lives and this world is that it is the reality for eternity.
  • There is so much more glory and majesty to come than life in Surrey – hallelujah!
  • D-Day has happened, we await VE/VJ Day
  • Satan’s time is limited. He will have no place in the new heaven and new earth
  • The world is passing, there’s nothing more real than what is to come.
  • Not just Sundays, but every day should be an act of worship to the LORD God Almighty.
  • There is so much we don’t know about God – He’s too big, He’s without beginning or end, He’s unfathomable and indescribable. We can only be lost in awe and wonder.



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