Friday five favourite: Things you should NEVER get up before

4 09 2015

A few weeks ago I had to be in work for 7am. I know some people do this every day – I do not. I am not a morning person, and getting up at 5.30am was completely vile to me.

There were a couple of things I got up before that morning, and it got me thinking, what things should you never get up before?! Here are my top five:

  • The Sun
  • In summer, easy-ish, in winter, we really shouldn’t have to get up so early, getting up in the dark is miserable.

  • The Hot Water
  • Fortunately there was enough left from the night before, but I should never have to get up before the boiler! In the winter I’d include the central heating in this one…

  • 6am
  • If I set an alarm on my phone after 6am it sets it in front of a light blue sky with some fluffy clouds. If I set it before 6am it’s shown in front of a navy sky, hence it’s still night time!

  • The Milk Man
  • If you’re too young to remember when everyone used to get milk delivered to their doorstep in the early hours of the morning on an electric milk float, just lie and say you do remember, or I may get upset!

  • The Birds
  • If you get up and the little birds haven’t even begun their song, turn over and go back to sleep; It’s too early.

What else can you come up with?



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