Internet highlights – w/c 30th August 2015

5 09 2015

Napping can save your life!

Denominations as explained by Frozen

McDonald’s is rolling out table service nationwide

Frank Skinner’s faith in quotes

Modern Day Activism

Harry Potter bits you may not have noticed

MUCH better names for stuff

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I've been reading so many articles over the last week or so about this and each one leaves me heartbroken. The people we're so fearful of reaching our shores are HUMANS – fleeing a war ridden country in which they're simply not safe. The lengths they're going to in hope of freedom tells us all we need to know of the horrors they've left behind. They would not take such huge risks if they weren't desperate to escape torture and destruction. Mothers and fathers would not put their children's lives at risk if they thought there was any other way. These are innocent people: mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters – CHILDREN. Don't let your opinions be led by fear based on untruths in the media. Open your heart and show some compassion for those suffering. Put yourself in their shoes and be human too.

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