Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – by J. K. Rowling

6 08 2016

I’m going to have to start this with a **SPOILER ALERT** because there’s not really any way to talk about this book without spoilers!

The first thing to mention is just how easy it is to read – being a script rather than a novel, there’s not too much on each page, and it’s only the length of what they can show within two plays anyway, so it won’t take you long!

There were a couple of things that were either plot faults, or I just read it too quickly and missed them! Firstly the fact they managed to make poly-juice potion so quickly whereas in other books they’ve had to brew it for weeks or months. Secondly Albus having a wand after his had been snapped!

The first few scenes move through time quite quickly, and feel very rushed, but you can feel how they’d work well on stage in setting the scene and giving you a few years worth quickly before settling down to the main story.

They may have aged twenty years, but Ron is still his humorous self, Hermione still appearing exasperated with him while loving him dearly, to be honest, very little has changed! The story revolves mainly around Harry’s relationship with his middle son, Albus, which is a bit fraught to say the least, and so we follow both generations in the storyline.

I love how this book went a bit unpredictable from the word go – in the original seven books, no one was ever sorted into a house that was surprising, but that rule book went straight out the window here.

I also loved how much it harked back to the fourth book, which I think was one of my favourites. That said, all the time travel and alternate reality stuff, (which was great!) did leave me wondering if she’d literally just watched Back To The Future when she wrote this 🙂

In general though, it’s classic Potter – if you loved the original books, you’ll love this!

harry potter and the cursed child

I’m going back to Roald Dahl next – and the next one I’m due to read is less than 100 pages, so I’ll see you soon!



One response

7 08 2016

I only realised this was a play script and not a proper novel a week or so before it was released and devised not to order if for that reason….avidly read the first 7 but felt this wasn’t really the book 8 I had thought it would be. So seems you do recommend it after All? Surely it is not as good as reading a ‘book’? What do you think? Also may hope to get to see it on stage one day so would it be best to read it or not to read it first I wonder…?

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