Internet highlights – w/c 18th June 2017

24 06 2017

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LOL! 😀👠💚

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Photo by @FransLanting I share this image in celebration of World Giraffe Day. A newborn Thornicroft’s giraffe rests in a thicket in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley—the only place in the world where this subspecies of giraffe is found. Leafy-shaped spots distinguish the Thornicroft's giraffe, which has a population of only 1,500, all living in the wild. Red-billed oxpeckers clean the young giraffe's fur of ticks and other parasites, a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. But the future for giraffes is uncertain: Giraffe populations have taken a sharp decline in recent years due to habitat loss and poaching, and they were recently placed on the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species. We need to stand tall for giraffes, and support the people and organizations who are fighting to protect them, including the World Wildlife Fund and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of Africa’s remarkable wildlife. @natgeo @natgeotravel @natgeocreative #WorldGiraffeDay #Giraffe #Zambia #LuangwaValley #Newborn #BabyAnimals #WorldWildlifeFund #GiraffeConservationFoundation

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