Internet highlights – w/c 20th August 2017

26 08 2017

Dogs bending the rules.

Best jokes from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Firemen save pigs, and are presented with them as sausages as a thank you.

Differences between USA and UK food.

Self Esteem Attacks.

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Ha! 😝🐛🦋

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Photographic evidence of my Oscar worthy role in 'Love, Rosie' where I was a guest (of the bride or groom?) at Alex and Bethany's wedding. On the left is my husband David so brilliantly playing the role of my husband David, on the right is the wonderful Tamsin Egerton who played Sally, and was so true to character that I felt giggly when she spoke to me, even though I know that's what acting is. I listened to the hypnotic Lily Collins, who played Rosie, pouring her heart out to the groom she wasn't marrying, and I had to keep it together and remind myself none of it was real, even though it came from my head, happened in my mind, and it was happening again, for real, around me, in real life, with real people who were acting like it was all normal. Maybe you're not supposed to think of all those things when you're being cool and in the moment but I don't care about being cool. I was so good, my cameo ended up on the cutting room floor 😂 Thankfully all the important parts and people made the final cut #LoveRosieFlashbackFriday

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