Internet highlights – w/c 18th February 2018

24 02 2018

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If I recall correctly, this was the first recipe I ever posted on this blog, typed in my then freezing cold, uncarpeted flat that I was on the verge of being evicted from, cobbled together from the supermarket basics I could make work with the change I could find around the house, because my bank account was so deeply overdrawn with charges from bounced bills, change was all we had. The recent furore with the Conservatives where they upheld me as an example of ‘anyone can manage on £10 a week’ (which I excoriatingly refuted), has left me feeling bruised and emotionally broken. I wanted to write another recipe, but I felt sullied, trite, misappropriated, and used. So instead I am going to rewrite my recipes from 2012 – that many of you will not have seen buried beneath the beautiful new ones – and re-cost them to demonstrate the soar in prices in the Basics range over the last 6 years, and how it is always the poorest who shoulder the burden of economic inequality.  When I was shit poor, Sainsburys was the only supermarket within walking distance to my house, so it was quite literally my only reliable option. I have continued to price my recipes on their Basics range for the last few years as a way of monitoring price rises, disappearing products, and changes in packaging sizes in a detailed and comprehensive manner. You can shop wherever you like – and I envy those of you with Aldi and Lidl and Asda in your vicinities – I just use the orange supermarket as my benchmark for price indexing, and the changes may shock you. Link in bio.

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