Internet highlights – w/c 19th August 2018

25 08 2018

About the plastic straw ban.

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The Book Thief – by Markus Zusak

22 08 2018

I nearly gave up on this during the first 100 pages, but it was so worth persevering!

The narrator of the book is Death, and that’s what made the beginning so strange, I got into it once it settled into a more normal narrative, with Death’s thoughts and opinions just popping up from time to time.

We’re in Germany during WW2, Liesel arrives at the home of her new foster parents who are in one of the poorest areas of town, she spends her time helping her Mama collect and deliver laundry, and playing (and a bit of stealing) with Rudy from next door. She’s known as The Book Thief because that’s what she does. For example, at one point there’s a Nazi rally in town, and a bonfire of all sorts of propaganda, but she realises the books at the bottom aren’t burning, so she sneaks in and takes one. At the start, she can’t read, and so with these books and help from her Papa, she learns, but it’s a habit she continues!

I won’t go any further as I don’t want to give spoilers but as I say, once it settled down I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it!

Internet highlights – w/c 12th August 2018

18 08 2018

Live map of the London Underground.

How to keep busy on the train.

Animals who are more successful than you.

Stupid injuries.

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Internet highlights – w/c 5th August 2018

11 08 2018

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Internet highlights – w/c 28th July 2018

4 08 2018

Hilarious cats who maybe aren’t the brightest….[5 pages]

And similarly, dogs.

Why Yorkshire is wonderful.

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