Internet highlights – w/c 21st July 2019

27 07 2019

Painful job interview stories.

Classical music would you rather.

Hilarious replies from the Dutch about a stupid American article on their parenting traditions.

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Photo by Stephen Wilkes @stephenwilkes | Stonehenge is considered one of the wonders of the world and one of the best known prehistoric monuments in Europe. Late in the afternoon, I noticed people dressed in elaborate 18th-century gowns inside the circle. The clouds had almost begun to replicate the physical structure of Stonehenge. All these things came together in the most magical and serendipitous way. My Day to Night series began in 2009. From a fixed camera angle, I capture fleeting moments of humanity and nature as light passes in front of the lens. I shoot thousands of images through day and night, then digitally blend a select group to create a seamless composite image. To see more photos from my travels near and far, follow me @stephenwilkes. #DayToNight #StephenWilkes #Stonehenge #England #Passageoftime

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