Internet highlights – w/c 15th September 2019

21 09 2019

Unanswered Harry Potter questions.

Candles from TV shows.

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Today’s question.

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@world_record_egg got 54 million likes for a picture of an egg. How many can we get to celebrate all of the positive progress humanity has made in recent times? – A lot of news is negative. It’s no one’s fault; we’re just more sensitive to shocking stories and when things go right they tend to go right slowly, but when things go wrong they tend to go wrong all at once and in spectacular, attention-grabbing, fashion. – Sadly that means that the consistent progress humanity has achieved across many of its endeavours (except arguably climate change) often goes unnoticed in the news cycle. – Inspired by the book Factfulness, the @Gapminder_org foundation and the work of the @gatesfoundation this series of charts highlights just 8 of the ways that life has improved for millions of people over the last 200 or so years. – We know the world still has lots of problems, and we should tackle them with more energy than ever before. In fact we’re not saying everything is fine. We’re saying hey, look how far we’ve come, we can do this. – #WorldIsGettingBetter #WorldRecord #FeelGoodFriday #GoodNews

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