Internet highlights – w/c 22nd September 2019

28 09 2019

Brilliant IKEA instore reviews.

Idiot tried to mansplain Handmaid’s Tale to its author!

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So cute! #romsey #yarnbombing

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this makes sense to me (via: @tulikasawardekar)

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Not too shabby. @chillblinton

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We're not angry, we're just disappointed.

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On September 22nd 1994 Friends burst onto the small screen for the first time… and 25 years later it's still showing no signs of fading to black. – Friends appears to be almost universally appealing, even when certain jokes haven't fully translated in 2019. But even if it can look a bit clumsy and dated in today's world, people just don't seem to care. One of the new streaming services coming out next year, HBO Max, will be paying $425mn for five years worth of rights to Friends. – So, to honour a quarter-century of Friends we dug back into the IMDB data to tell you which season you should be binging. If you strictly follow the numbers then Season 10 edges itself to the top, with an average IMDB user rating of 8.7 out of 10. – However, if you exclude the double episode Season 10 finale, then actually Season 5 comes out on top. Our advice (if you're thinking about a rewatch) would be to start there. Season 5 is full of classic moments including; "The One in Vegas", "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" and… "Pivot!". 🛋 – These charts have been in our newsletter recently. Not all of our charts make it to Instagram, so to catch them all hit the link in our bio and sign up for free! If it turns out it’s not your thing you can unsubscribe at any time.

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8 10 2019

The Dilbert cartoon certainly rings a bell. We used to be involved in a church where one of the guys (African) loathed British advertising because it always showed men as incompetent, clumsy, selfish or stupid in the home.

I’m lucky enough not to have a TV, so haven’t been subjected to it.

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