Internet highlights – w/c 16th February 2020

22 02 2020

Tiny roles actors had before they were famous.

Easter Eggs in Frozen 2.

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Earlier this week someone on Twitter did something very kind and very un-Twitter. Upset about the news at the weekend she offered to buy a stranger a copy of Reasons to Stay Alive, because it had helped her when she needed it and wanted to help someone else who might need it. Then a bookshop – Big Green Bookshop – picked up on this and soon hundreds of people who had read the book were offering to pay for other people to have it too. Strangers, going through shit times, many of whom are struggling for cash. As we speak over 1000 people have gifted books to total strangers since Sunday and other bookshops have got involved. When the book first came out in 2015 I felt sick for a year and wished I’d never written it because I didn’t want to be known as Mr Depression. But this week and the response from kind readers has made me more grateful than ever that I did. But to be clear this book is in no way a substitute for medical help. This was always just something I felt I had to write. A message to my younger suicidal self telling that person – and people like that person – that what seems like an inescapable black hole is actually just a tunnel. And you will emerge from that tunnel and if you are anything like me, the world will seem more precious and fragile and beautiful than it ever did before. It seems to make people feel less alone, and that’s nice. Write what scares you. And try to do it with love. That’s all we can do.

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This winter is endless and I’m starting to lose it 🤪

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