Internet highlights – w/c 26th April 2020

2 05 2020

The childhood of millennials.

If Friends was set during the Coronavirus.

People with a good sense of humour.

People who regretted their decisions.

Why Arthur was brilliant TV.

Ideas for bored Christians.

Space Jam 2 is coming out next year!

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“Why am I so tired when I’ve done hardly anything today?” I’ve been asked this question a lot over the last few weeks, or alternatively why am I so much more tired than usual- I’m not doing anything extra? The answer may be that in the current situation your brain is expertly detecting all that extra threat and predicting you need more energy to manage it, which means your body is guzzling up extra energy to help you get ready to respond. Your brain likes to keep you safe. To do this it needs to predict when you need to use your energy to respond effectively to a threat. So it spots all those threats and tells your body it needs energy to manage these…. releasing chemical that trigger your sympathetic nervous system that get you ready to run away, fight or stay on high alert to be super vigilant to deal with the threat. It gets your heart beating faster, breathing more rapid directs the blood to your legs and arms tightening the muscles there so you are ready for action. And all this uses lots of energy quickly. It guzzles up your petrol at the rate of a car in the 80s. Your brain is responsible for regulating your energy use and at times of high threat it’s shouting “alert alert, more gas now”. Currently there’s greater level of threat generally, there’s real risk out there that we have to be alert to. There’s also lots of change and new tasks, which your brain requires more energy to deal with. You may also be multitasking and juggling home school, work, new roles, lost roles, planning for a different future, navigating change and high emotion. And your brain, which uses more energy than any other organ anyway, required even more to manage all these High order tasks. Even if your feet are not active, your brain is. We have limited energy, like a Petrol tank. It’s preparation to help you to manage threat uses exponential petrol. Stress and High demand multitasking, or even loneliness and boredom (which can be stressful) uses even more. And before you know it, much more quickly than normally, you have a depleted tank. You are exhausted. Allow and spot your empty tank and refuel with rest, sleep, relax, laugh, look after yourself when you can.

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Be kind like Karen.

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Missing that commute @tomsimmo94

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Homeschooling is going well…

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Obviously, it was far easier with our eldest…

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Kids these days…..LOL

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This is so wonderful @taylorlorenz

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