Internet highlights – w/c 3rd May 2020

9 05 2020

Things we’ve all done.

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Max’s future as my guitar tech is debatable.

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There are some things I could leave behind.

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👀 @samsonsgoldenadventures

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2020 🗑 #lockdown #selfisolation #covid19

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🤦🏼‍♀️ #shaggedmarriedannoyed

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A few people recently have been kind enough to tell me they are unfollowing me because I was posting things they didn’t approve of. One said they were ‘surprised at my closed mind’ on certain issues and that it had been a mistake for them to follow me. So I thought, in order to avoid future mishaps I would put up the ten reasons most likely to cause an unfollow. 1. I don’t think all views are equal. If your views are overly racist, sexist, or promote damaging conspiracy theories I am closed minded enough to judge you. And maybe even mock your beliefs. 2. I am a person. Someone recently unfollowed me because they followed me to browse my ‘happy quotes’ not for my personal political beliefs. So I will warn you that I am not a card shop. Yes I do express optimism on here sometimes when I am feeling optimistic but not always. 3. I am not an influencer. (I am, however, a bit of a dickhead.) 4. I am not a brand. I am inconsistent. And like Walt Whitman I contradict myself often. 5. I am scattered. I sometimes post too much. Other times I go for a week without posting. 6. I am not Buddha. Someone said they followed me for calm wisdom and not grumpiness but I am sometimes grumpy in a global pandemic. 7. I like actual kindness. Not hashtag bekindness. Actual kindness can include standing up for people and against misinformation. I believe we are heading for a new 1930s. Complete with a Great Depression and conspiracy theories. And so we can’t just sit by and be polite and let that grow or we will end with a new 1939. 8. I am pro-science. Science isn’t perfect. But I believe the scientific method is the only tool we have to understand knowable truth. I obvs don’t mind if you are into astrology or healing magic crystals or whatever but if someone’s life depends on it I’d implore them to follow the actual scientific consensus. Instagram is a product of science. 9. I have strong views. I think climate change is real. That women and minorities are treated unequally. I think vaccines are good. I think mental health should have parity with physical health. I think the Queen isn’t a lizard. 10. I will fight anyone who doesn’t like Elton John or the movies of John Hughes. Bye.

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A spin-off show I think we would all get behind. #SewingBee

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‘It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and it’s starting to get light’ once said the very wise @thebeverleycraven . I have woken up ridiculous early. A sort of worry hanging over me. We had a little wobble yesterday. We spend so much time maintaining this account (across Facebook and Twitter too). Across the board we have about 800,000 followers but is has been a fairly tough old slog. Our engagement is good, 60-100 million a month reach (why we can’t physically read most of your messages and tags) We started campaigning for the nhs five years ago. FIVE YEARS!! Since then we have done it pretty much every single day outside of our nhs jobs in one way or another. Then throw a pandemic our way (we are nhs staff) and … ugh, let’s just say we are a bit knackered. We don’t mind because we have always believed it was worth it. That the staff are worth it. That the patient is worth is. Some of our projects outside of work quickly become 15-16 hour days. We have taken pay cuts at times to be able to continue to campaign. Unpaid. Haha blimey we are bananas actually.. we should be so happy now, suddenly everyone wants to run similar accounts and do things for the nhs. But there is a worry that hangs. Many NHS staff are alarmed by the attention. And although so touched by the sentiments and the attempts to support us we fully expect to be dropped after this pandemic. Many people are talking about a new time, enjoying the simple things in life. A service, free at the point of contact, that carries you from the cradle to the grave, isn’t a simple thing in life. It is a bloody logistical nightmare. And it doesn’t always go well, eg I personally haven’t managed to get hold of my paycheques for 3 years and I got overpaid by one trust last pay and hugely underpaid by the next. Not an infrequent event. If can be exhausting being in the nhs as staff never mind as a patient. And that plays out in other ways. BUT it is also incredible. It is miracle filled. And it cares for ONE MILLION of you every 17 hours. So for godsake, please take a longer term interest in the NHS. Care about politics and VOTE for the NHS moving forwards. It shouldn’t need campaigners. You should care. #nhs

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What we need now is some clarity… #montypython #stayathome

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