Internet highlights – w/c 31st May 2020

6 06 2020

I’ve split this into two halves this week. There’s a lot of very serious stuff going on, and there’s a lot of silly internet stuff out there. It feels like too much of an roller-coaster and too emotionally confusing to yo-yo between them, so all the stuff relating to the George Floyd situation (directly or indirectly) comes first, followed by all the regular nonsense (some of which is also serious, but still feels like it should be kept separate).

For me, the biggest thing to come out of all the below is the need for us to educate ourselves better. There are books and things suggested, and I am definitely going to be looking for some, but I feel like even reading and watching these posts has been an eye-opener.

An explanation of white privilege.

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Swipe to read // @mnfreedomfund

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Our aim is to share good news, but if you have followed us for a while, you’ll know that The Happy News came from a sad place, personally for @emilycoxhead and shortly after terror attacks in France. We don’t cover over and ignore the bad, we don’t pretend like the world is full of sunshine and rainbows all of the time, because it isn’t. It can sometimes be really really hard to find and see the good, but it’s always there and we want to celebrate that. All of that being said, even when there is a lot of love and hope to be shared there is still a lot of work to be done, a lot of innocent lives being lost and injustice going on in so many corners of the planet. We are aware that an Instagram post isn’t enough, it‘s a start but it’s so much bigger and deeper than that. We are learning, we are making mistakes, we are probably saying the wrong thing at times, but we are wanting to do more and be better. We are here to say that we see you and support you, we are heartbroken and angry seeing yet another black person be killed or threatened with the power of those who *should* be enforcing the law. Things need to change; we have the most incredible community here at The Happy News and I think I can speak for most of us who want to learn and do more, if you don’t then please unfollow. If you have any resources or accounts, you’d like to share, please do in the comments. We want this to be a safe space, please respect that 💛

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This by Scott Woods. RG @laurenlaverne

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As a privileged white woman, I’ve had moments this week wherein I passionately posted about the injustices of racism. I’ve also had moments wherein I fell silent out of hesitation and fear of “saying the wrong thing.” It’s tension. It’s uncomfortable. It’s embarrassing. But then I realized I can’t allow that insecurity to silence my voice. A friend who is a POC (person of color) enlightened me that my insecurity in posting was a sign that more education needed to be done. If I felt educated enough, I would post confidently. ⁣⠀ I have been learning a lot the past few weeks on how white people can ally in the fight to abolish racism in America. It has been a constant grappling in my mind — of which I am grateful, as this wrestling should have started long ago. ⁣⠀ I have received messages from people saying I’m a basic white girl posting about racism with no action (ironically, 32/33 of those messages are from white people). Those people don’t see my calls to officials or signed petitions or my regular donations to Black Live Matter, because I’m not a white savior looking for applause. But those messages still made me hesitate to post more… ⁣⠀ Because I’m sure many other white people are unsure of what to do or say — simply because they don’t want to “say the wrong thing” — I want to share what I’ve been advised to do by my friends who are POC. I don’t want any of us to stay silent because of that insecurity. Again, we must use that doubt as a red flag that says, “EDUCATE YOURSELF, EDUCATE YOURSELF.” ⁣⠀ My confusion almost led me to stop talking about racism in America. But I’m pressing through that hesitation because I know — deep down — even if my words are picked apart or even if I say something that I need to correct later — speaking up is the right thing to do. White people: Speaking up is the right thing to do. And I hope this helps guide other white people who are unsure of how to be a part of abolishing the very real racism in America along side POC. ⁣⠀ — @elisabethhuijskens, Founder

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@claraamfo "And I say that with my chest."

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Note to self.

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Dis is my ball & i love it 😁😂 @finnyboymolloy

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