Internet highlights – w/c 7th June 2020

13 06 2020

Weird things about the British.

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But what happens next? Please share.

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#BlackLivesMatter ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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If you’re debating “this”. Trying to explain “this” Then “this” is the problem. Racism isn’t a debate we’re talking about human rights. Don’t treat people like shit and discriminate for ANY reason and definitely don’t do it because of someones colour (religion, gender, sexual orientation) I could go on 🙄 But LETS debate ignorance, why do you think “YOU” have a problem with accepting other people? Why do “YOU” have a problem with hiring POC? Why do “YOU” have a problem with authentic representation? Let’s make “THIS” about “YOU” and your issues and not about “US” and blackness, our existence is not up for debate. We’re just out here being humans. 🖤 pic via @edward_enninful 🖤 #permissiontospeak

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I have spent the last two days creating this beautiful piece on Jamaica Street – Bristol 🖤 Creating this has given me the opportunity to have my voice heard. Hopefully this will wake people up to the continued racism & struggle for black people in the UK. Words: @lanie__rose Brought to you by @asablackpersonintheuk I am so grateful to have painted this with my beautiful friends @rubyspencerpugh @elliehandoll @samdysonsound @lizziefrenchable @frank_redweather & Harry. Whilst painting this wall we received a lot of positive support, but also daily anger, hatred & negativity. This just showed me that this wall is needed ✊🏾 • This wall is in support of America, but also to highlight the problems all over the world – We have racist police, judges, schools, hospitals, government & citizens. It is everywhere & it needs to be stopped! The end of this wall is very important. Educate yourself, read the books & watch the list of documentaries/ films listed on this wall. Write to your MPs, your schools, workplace, police stations etc. Tell them that you will no longer stand for this & demand change. Sign petitions, donate & talk about it! Thank you. • #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatterbristol #borisisracist #asablackpersonintheuk #bristol #stokescroft #theukisnotinnocent #equality #blackvoices @peoplesrepublicofstokescroft

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The past two weeks in our country have felt so heavy, heart breaking and confusing. I’ve admittedly never truly understood the term “white privilege” or just how privileged I am until this week. I always thought issues of race were violent hate crimes, I didn’t understand how much our cultural norms have contributed to favoring white and oppressing black. While there are so many white privileges so much bigger and more serious than the ones above, these ones somehow came with the biggest shock to me. I’ve never once considered the color of band aids, they just always were what they are. I’ve never noticed that in all of my education, I’ve had just one teacher of color. It didn’t occur to me that my favorite childhood characters have always had the same skin color as me.⠀ ⠀ There’s still so much to learn, to read, to grow in. I’ll be the first to admit there’s just so much I never knew. But I’m listening. I’m learning. I’m changing my behaviors and my thinking. We’re making plans to do better and to teach our kids better. So keep sharing, keep the conversation going, keep being vocal. The world is listening and I pray it never stops. ❤️

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"Families are mourning thousands of dead, and there is unemployment and hunger." Protesters in Brazil have dug symbolic graves in the sand of Copacabana Beach to highlight the Covid-19 deaths in the country and to call for change from the government. The group behind the protests are the NGO Rio de Paz, set up originally to combat violence in Rio de Janeiro, through peaceful protesting. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has been criticised for downplaying the pandemic, calling Covid-19 “a flu”. In the second picture, a Bolsonaro supporter holds up a Brazilian flag before knocking down the crosses. The third picture shows a man, who lost his 25-year-old son to coronavirus, picking the crosses back up again. Tap the link in our bio to find out more. (📷Getty Images) #RioDeJaneiro #Brazil #Bolsonaro #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Protests #BBCNews

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I –

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OMG!! 🙈😂 @finnyboymolloy

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