Internet highlights – w/c 2nd August 2020

8 08 2020

Good bits of advice.

Why the 90s was weird/brilliant.

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**For interacting with strangers and associates–dynamics with friends and family are much more individualized** Disability Pride Month 07-31-20: finale . . [ID: 5 digital handwritten info cards with yellow backgrounds./ Image 1: "HOW TO TREAT DISABLED PEOPLE LIKE PEOPLE (because apparently this is a guide we need)"/ Image 2: "1. Respect social boundaries -don't stare at us -don't ask invasive questions –e.g. "What happened?" –e.g. "What's your [mobility aid] for?" -don't give unsolicited advice –e.g. "Have you tried yoga?" –e.g. "If you did ____ you wouldn't be sick!" -don't infantalize us -don't pity us -don't try to sniff out 'fakers'"/ Image 3: "2. Respect physical boundaries -don't grab or touch mobility aids -don't help us without permission –we will ask if we need help –if we appear to really need help, still ask first -don't park in handicapped spots (unless you are disabled) -don't block ramps, paths, handrails, or elevators -get out of the way for people with mobility aids -be patient and slow down for us"/ Image 4: "3. Believe us… -when we say we're disabled -when we tell you our limits -when we tell you we have done the best we can -when we say we don't need your help -when we say we do need your help -when we say we know what we're doing -BELIEVE US!"/ Image 5: "4. Stand with us -educate yourself on disability & accessibility -call out ableist statements & actions -organize locations & events to be accessible -include disabled representation in media -vote in support of disability rights -RIGHT NOW: follow social distancing guidelines as best as your situation allows. Many disabled people are high risk, and you cannot say you support us while willingly endangering our lives."/ END ID] . . #disabilitypride #disabilitypridemonth #artistsoninstagram #disability #disabled #ableism #spoonie #chronicillness #chronicpain #cpunk #cripplepunk #infographic #mobilityaid #accessibility

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places to buy books online which aren’t Amazon!📚 This is by no means an exhaustive list; please comment other stores you know of!📝 – an online network of 360 independent bookstores nationwide. A per cent of the profits go back into your nearest independent bookshop every time you make a purchase, or you can select your “favourite” bookshop to benefit instead🐝 Oxfam has a large second-hand online shop. Their collection of second-hand books is huge and growing all the time, so there’s always something new to discover at extremely reasonable prices. Browse over 60,000 new titles, pre-owned novels and second-hand antique books, all available to buy online📔 Wordery is one of the fastest growing independent online booksellers. The company, which was created by British book wholesaler Betrams as an alternative to Amazon, says it currently has a range of over 9 million different titles and serves 5 million customers. It offers free worldwide delivery📝 The Big Green Bookshop will order what you want and get it sent to you. Their website only lists about 50 books, however they can source over half a million to order for you! They run a weekly “buy a stranger a book” scheme, so if you have spare cash you can treat someone else. They also run a subscription service where you will be delivered one book per month which relates to your book preferences📗 Faith Mission Bookshops stock a large variety of Christian Books, including Theologies, Missionary Biographies, Devotional books, Commentaries and Bibles; as well as large selections of Christian music, both traditional and contemporary📖 Lighthouse is a Scottish queer-owned and woman led independent community bookshop. They are unapologetically activist, intersectional, feminist, antiracist, lgbtq+ community space. In 2020 they were nominated Scotland’s Best Independent Bookshop!📒 Your local independent book shop! so many are now doing online orders and buying in books which customers want! online independent book shop finder: #Books #Amazon #ShopSmall #ShopLocal #SupportLocal #BoycottAmazon #Sustainable #Ethical #ReadersOfInstagram

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So which is it!!

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100p 🗣🔥

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Flying cars would have been less weird. @tonybynoe

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The Urban dictionary defines scroll hole as “the uncontrollable act of endlessly and mindlessly scrolling though your social media feed.”⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Our brain likes natural pauses and finishing things. That’s why we tend to finish our drink, finish the page that we are reading, finish the episode that we are watching, finish that bag of crisps etc.⁠ We usually finish eating because we either feel full (internal cue) or we have cleared our plate (external cue).⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ But, unlike eating or any other action, there are no stopping cues for our brain when in comes to social media. Instead, there is an endless social media feed or features such as autoplay where videos automatically play as you scroll past them or queue a related video/next episode to be played as soon as we finish the one we are currently watching.⁠ Getting rid of those stopping cues means that we spend a lot more time scrolling or waching videos. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠When a disproportionate time is spent scrolling, it is often at the expense of other activities that would benefit both our physical and psychological health. This is a potential public health crisis in the making but social media platforms do not seem to care. To them, more time on site is always a good thing and the more the better. Why? Because, funded by advertising, they gain revenue the more ads they show and the more people are there to scroll past them.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I am not saying that social media doesn’t have benefits. But practically anything beneficial when taken in huge quantities can have detrimental effects. Being able to connect with people and share information is a huge positive aspect of it for me and this is why I use it, albeit a limited amount and only post new content twice a week (usually Mondays and Thursdays). ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Please think about that next time you are stuck in a scroll hole and use social media responsibly 🧠.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I am going to do more posts on this subject so I'd like to hear your experiences of being stuck in a #scrollhole below…⁠ ⁠⠀

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🤘🏽 @uzoaduba

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