Internet highlights – w/c 26th July 2020

1 08 2020

All the Argos catalogues – ever!

A response to a numpty.

Things people were in before they were famous.

Things we never realised we were doing for the last time.

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Although I'm massively grateful and thankful to have been nominated by so many incredible women to take part in the #blackandwhitechallenge, I shan't be contributing in the format that is currently trending. Social media is a vortex, where posts often become devoid of their original context. So I want to take this opportunity and use my platform to recenter the original meaning of the challenge. The #blackandwhitechallenge was started in Turkey as a reaction to the murders of women and the lack of action from the Turkish government. It's more than an empowerment challenge as many of us were lead to believe. Turkish people are consistently waking up to black and white images of murdered women in the media, with little to no justice. The vast majority of these women have been murdered by men. That is the true meaning of the challenge. We must honour that, respect that and not allow the original intention to be lost or appropriated. Please scroll for more information on what is happening to women in Turkey and follow @auturkishculturalclub for updates. "I have received several requests that wanted me to share this as a post as well. So here goes. I hope this will be able to inform people as to what is going on in Turkey and why the black and white photo challenge exists. Thank you all for sharing this information." #blackandwhite #challengeaccepted #womensupportingwomen #mensupportingwomen #istanbulanlaşmasıyaşatır #blackandwhitechallenge #istanbulsözleşmesiyaşatır *Update* I've been informed that the #challengeaccepted hashtag has been around since 2016, rooted in cancer awareness. However it is important that we bear in mind that it's most recent incarnation is because of the violence that women face in Turkey, rather than empowerment of western women.  via @beelzeboobz

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Good idea! 😜😜

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A cartoon by Benjamin Schwartz. #NewYorkerCartoons

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Time to order a pizza. 😜😳🍕

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