Internet highlights – w/c 11th October 2020

17 10 2020

An excellent introduction to Taskmaster.

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The three stages of career development:

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Greg Davies in a nutshell 😂⁠ #Taskmaster⁠

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If we had a graph of anxiety levels at the current time I suspect it would closely follow corona virus rate graphs… on the rise as cases rise. That’s why it’s more important thank everyone to find ways off your anxiety roundabout. When you get on the anxiety roundabout your body’s sympathetic nervous system escalates…. adrenaline and cortisol are released to get your body ready to run, hide or fight. This sets off a huge range of physiological sensations… tightened muscles, rapid breathing, shaky extremities, sweaty skin, redness rising, stomachs emptying, bowels constricting, burning energy, blood flowing to your limbs. It doesn’t feel nice, but it’s just physiology… it’s your body using too much energy and directing this energy in an, possibly misguided, attempt to be helpful. What you do at this point can push you further along anxiety roundabout, or it can help you find a route off. To get off the anxiety roundabout you need to find ways to deescalate the arousing sympathetic body system and try to engage the parasympathetic system instead, which helps calm things down. It’s about doing something that changes your physiology…. exercise is great for this as it uses up that extra energy and automatically triggers different chemicals that helps calm your body down, but there are lots of different ways to do this too. Usually these involve a shift in what you are doing, moving, shifting your attention or doing something to calm your body. What works for you will be unique to you… these are the ways you told me you got of the anxiety roundabout and some of the most common ways people find they can de-escalate their sympathetic nervous systems and ramp their rest and digest, parasympathetic, system up to help change the physiological reactions that are creating anxiety. These are anxious times: we can’t stop being anxious (it’s human) and we need to recognise how we are feelings (and not shame ourselves for this). But we can also do lots of things to respond helpfully to our anxiety and find routes off the anxiety roundabout instead of circling further and further around it. I hope some of these help you.

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Hang on, wait – really?!

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Cha Cha next slide please

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