Notes from a Big Country – by Bill Bryson

26 12 2020

Here’s the issue with omnibus editions of books: technically I read the first half of this book over 6 years ago, but really it is a completely separate book!

So this time I was onto the half about America, which is comprised of newspaper columns he wrote for a British newspaper once he and his family had moved back to the USA. This makes it very bitesize in it’s reading style, rather than a flow that keeps you turning the page, but his writing style is so chatty and light that it’s a very easy read. There’s a fair amount of pointing and laughing at some aspects of American life, and some pointing out things about American culture that we may not be aware of.

The really odd thing about reading it now though, is that it’s well over 20 years old, and some of the references, like explaining how some things work that are now antiquated, some ways of life, and just some of the stats or monetary values quoted, feel very old!

But it’s fun, it’s like having a friend chat to you, easy reading, I really enjoyed it!



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