The Year I Met You – by Cecelia Ahern

13 11 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book written in the second person before! I’d thought a while ago how books are always written in the first or third person, but never second – that is not the case.

Jasmine has just lost her job, and her neighbour over the road has just had his wife leave him. He works on the radio and is generally very offensive – Jasmine hates him for something he once said about people with Downs Syndrome, which her sister has, and this book is written as if she is speaking to him.

We follow her year of gardening leave, working out what to do with her time, figuring out what to do at the end of it when she’s allowed to work again, a headhunter called Monday, her relationship with her neighbours who she never really knew before, and her relationship with her sister.

Feel good as Cecelia Ahern’s books always are, this is definitely another one.

I actually got this book much earlier than expected, I normally get the new Cecelia Ahern books when they come out in paperback, and this isn’t due until next summer. But last month I was in an airport, and exclusively they sell books in paperback that are only hardback in shops – expensive, yes, and still bulky in size, but it was very exciting to get it so early. Just means a long long wait for the next one now!

the year i met you

How to fall in love – by Cecelia Ahern

26 06 2014

Wait, Ineke finished a book in under a week? I find Cecelia Ahern‘s books just whizz by for me – partly because I struggle to put them down, and partly because they’re so easy to read I just fly through them when I am reading them!

Another of her more “real” books, the basic premise is that our main character, who has a massive addiction to self-help books, finds a guy about to jump off a bridge and to stop him taking the leap, agrees to convince him his life is worth living before his next birthday – which happens to be 2 weeks away.

We delve into all his problems, and discover some of hers at the same time, which she just seems to be trying to ignore. A very engaging and involving book, even right towards the end I couldn’t quite work out where it would end up – which is quite a pleasing quality in it. The overall thread was relatively predictable, which can be quite comforting for chick lit, but the details of how it would happen were a little harder to guess.

Definitely recommended as a heartwarming, easy read!

how to fall in love

One Hundred Names – by Cecelia Ahern

29 07 2013

I was partway through a slightly heavier book, but what with the heatwave that’s been going on the last few weeks, when my pre-order of Cecelia Ahern‘s latest book arrived, I decided it was time for a break and a slightly easier read!

I have read every novel this lady has written, she’s brilliant! Best known for P.S. I Love You, most of her books have some slightly mystical element, something not quite real, but this was one of the “realistic” ones, one that could technically happen.

I was a little nervous as I started it, the blurb was a little bland. Someone has a list of 100 names and has to work out what links them, but as the book moves on I got more and more involved with what’s going on. I read the entire book in a week and was so sad for it to end!

The only criticism I’d have is that I struggled to keep up with the number of characters. Each time a name came up for the first time in a chapter I had to work out who they were and remind myself, it wasn’t til I was about 90% of the way through I got to grips with them all!

But I’d still recommend it, a really lovely story 🙂

one hundred names