Internet highlights – w/c 26th June 2016

2 07 2016

A very simple way to show solidarity with the UK’s immigrant population

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Internet highlights – w/c 19th June 2016

25 06 2016

Disney would you rather

Office cake culture is a danger to health

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EU referendum: resources and info

22 06 2016

Weeks and weeks ago I promised myself I’d do proper research for this hugely important decision. I started to bookmark and favourite and like all sorts of links, facebook posts and tweets, meaning to sit down and read it all up properly. So in my best student impression, here I am, the night before the election and finally sifting through it.

I know what my gut says, and the way I will probably vote, but it’s important to me that it’s also an educated vote.

Hopefully I’m not the only one cramming tonight, so below are some of the links I’m using and things I’m reading and watching. There is a definite bias, and you can definitely see what my gut says, but certainly some of the articles are balanced, and a couple of links come in pairs to balance each other.

I sincerely hope that no matter the outcome, there won’t be too much upset or uproar from the side that doesn’t succeed.

If I find other useful bits between now and the end of tomorrow I’ll try to add them to the bottom of the list.

I hope you find this useful.
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Internet Highlights – w/c 5th June 2016

11 06 2016

Never put icing sugar on a birthday cake

The Queen’s favourite music

Accidental Googles with much better results

Brilliant church signs

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Internet highlights – w/c 21st February 2016

27 02 2016

Four words even clever people get wrong

Helpful info on the referendum

EU Referendum debate to be held at Wembley

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