Looking for phone advice!

29 09 2012

In November my current phone contract runs out, and as the signal is rubbish where I currently live I’m looking to change networks and get a shiny new phone!

For the last two years I’ve used an HTC Wildfire which runs on Andriod 2.2 (Froyo) and I’ve loved it! It’s slowed down a bit before the end, but I know for sure I want my next phone to be an Android, but other than that I’d love some input.

The three main Android phone handset manufacturers at the moment are Samsung, HTC and Sony. Obviously Samsung are doing very well at the moment, HTC seem to be fading, and the new Sony range is so new I’ve heard nothing about them (I guess that’s the main reason for this post!)

I’m not looking to spend too much more than £20 a month, so I’m not looking at big flash phones. On top of that, I don’t really want a massive phone as I like to be able to fit it in my pocket.

The three I’ve been looking at have been the HTC Desire C, the Sony Xperia U, and Samsung wise I really have no idea.

I’d like to go for as new an operating system as possible so that it can last the two years that most contracts seem to require these days. The current OS is Ice-Cream Sandwich, v4.0 (at least, I’ve not seen anything on Jelly Bean, v4.1 yet).

Has anyone tried the new Sony phones yet? If you were to recommend Samsung, which handset would you recommend? Does anyone have any advice or opinion on these various bits and pieces? 🙂
Thanks in advance!