You know it’s summer when…

22 06 2013
  • You stop wearing slippers
  • You stop wearing socks!
  • You go to sleep on top of your duvet (but wake up under it – what is that about?!)
  • You can have lunch outside without a jumper and without shivering and goosebumps
  • You go to bed even though it’s still a bit light outside
  • You eat dinner later and later because the long evenings get confusing
  • You can’t stop the roof of your mouth from tickling or eyes from itching – even with all the hayfever tablets
  • You don’t enter your room without opening a window
  • You wake up the next day and it’s cold and rainy again….

What else? What makes it summer for you?

One of the forgotten benefits of summer is…

16 05 2013

Now I’ve stopped wearing socks for the summer (unless the weather *really* messes up!) it means that I’ve saved a good chunk of time every time I do laundry in not having to pair them all up again!