Internet highlights – w/c 3rd May 2015

9 05 2015

Gross news about beards

UKIP failures at Scotland manifesto launch

A better way to eat apples

Beautifully thoughtful greetings cards for people with serious illnesses

Photos of politicians – improved with quotes from Friends

A load of election facts and stats which you may not have heard

90s trends trying to make a “less welcome” comeback – they say less welcome – I was wearing dungarees as I read this!

Words to remove from your vocabulary

Signs that you’re addicted to sleep!

Some of the most difficult Friends quizzes ever

and a few stories from the election:

  • Apparently some lady just went into their polling station, walked up to the desk and declared the name of the councillor they wished to vote for.
  • Another person remarked they had already vote previously on a similar ballot paper when they cast their postal vote in the other town they’re registered in and quickly had the paper taken away from them.
  • Someone else has told a story of young adults walking into a polling station in London and being surprised to be told they couldn’t vote there because they lived in Dorset.
  • In Hampstead & Kilburn 113 people voted for a candidate who died between the printing of the ballot papers and the election



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