Internet highlights – w/c 22nd January 2017

28 01 2017

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The Testament – by John Grisham

25 01 2017

Yes, you’re right, this is not my normal genre! My Dad recommended it to me first, and I thought, maybe. Then my Mum did, and we generally have a very similar taste in books, so I said I’d give it a go.

At first sight, this book is about Troy Phelan, an elderly billionaire. But when he jumps out of the window after signing a last minute will, we realise we won’t be spending much time with him. This last will writes out his six debt-ridden children who were all expecting to do rather well out of his death, and instead leaves his fortune to an illegitimate daughter who is a missionary in the depths of Brazil, whom no one has heard of until this point.

The story actually turns out to be about Nate O’Riley, fresh out of rehab, he is sent by Phelan’s lawyer to Brazil to try and find this Rachel, get her to let them act for her, and prevent the awful Phelan children from getting their hands on the fortune and frittering it away. The book is full of drama as they have to travel to find her by boats up rivers, through crazy storms, and there’s even a bout of Dengue fever to deal with…

I think the thing that struck me most about this book is how well the Christian side of it is portrayed. Rachel is a missionary, she talks about her faith in a very real way, not twee, not cliche. Through his time with her, and with a Vicar he meets back in the states, Nate comes to a point where he prays, and wants to know more about God. It’s written in such a respectful way that you don’t hear much of these days. Very impressed.

I was worried it’d be a bit heavy but it was a pretty easy read in the end, definitely gripping. That said, I did see the ending coming – sometimes when you look at how little of the book is left you realise that really it can only go one way.


Internet highlights – w/c 15th January 2017

21 01 2017

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Internet highlights – w/c 8th January 2017

14 01 2017

What did the FTSE sound like in 2016?

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Internet highlights – w/c 1st January 2017

7 01 2017

Life was so much harder for kids in the 90s!

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The Christmasaurus – by Tom Fletcher

2 01 2017

Take someone who loves Dinosaurs and Christmas, what else would you expect their debut children’s novel to be about other than a Christmasaurus?!

The author might be familiar to you as a quarter of the band McFly, or for his youtube videos, some of which went a little bit viral, and the husband of author Giovanna – of whose books I’ve read most!

In fact, he initially announced the book through his YouTube channel:

Yes this is a children’s book, yes I’m 28, but my friend got me this for Christmas and it’s entirely magical! I’d hoped to read “A Christmas Carol” this year but by the time I’d finished my last book it was a little late – but I knew I’d have time to fit this in before the return to work!

This is a story about William Trundle, a dinosaur-obsessed wheelchair user, his Dad, who loves Christmas, Brenda, a mean girl at school, and of course, Santa and the Christmasaurus. I have no idea what age “childrens fiction” is aimed at, but at 350 (beautifully illustrated) pages I’m guessing maybe junior school? There’s plenty of humour, a tonne of magic, and a good dose of drama too.

Next Christmas they’re actually doing a stage show/musical of the book, (apparently the Christmasaurus song was written before the book was) so I spent a lot of my reading time wondering how on earth they’re going to do all this on a stage! (That’s me, too logistical for my own good…), but I imagine it’ll be amazing. They’ve also announced that they’ll be making a film of it, so if you like the book, there’s plenty more to come.