30 before 30 – First Draft

14 06 2017

Last week I turned 29. I have a year left of my twenties, and many people I know have put together “30 before 30” lists. I had a few ideas for mine, but one evening I googled and found a tonne of other lists to find other ideas of things to do. A lot of the people who do these lists did them before 29, so they had a few years to complete it.

I think my list is a bit too ambitious. I don’t expect to complete it all, but they’re good targets to work on! The first draft of my list has 26 items on it, but I’m putting it up here anyway because I’m a week into the year and haven’t done it yet, and this way I can add other things I think of as I go!

The first item I completed last year, but it was something that a couple of years ago I decided I wanted to aim to do before I was 30, and so in a way it was on my list before I had a list!

Some of the items have sub lists, and again I’ve put some initial bits in there, but they’re likely to fill up more once I actually tick them off.

So here we go, my 30 before 30 list:

  1. Buy my own home. COMPLETED 15th September 2016
  2. Climb a mountain.
  3. Dye my hair.
  4. Fundraise £300 for a good cause.
  5. Get back down to 9 stone and maintain it.
  6. Get my next photobook printed.
  7. Give Blood.
  8. Have a go on a cello.
  9. Have a meal at the Hand and Flowers.
  10. Have a pedicure.
  11. Learn all the countries of the world and complete the Sporcle quiz.
  12. Learn how to curl my hair.
  13. Re-learn how to do the rubiks cube.
  14. Re-learn the sign language I learnt 4 years ago and have forgotten.
  15. Try coming off my anti-depressants.
  16. Visit NYC, Disneyland Paris or Iceland.
  17. Watch a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre.
  18. Watch Friends all the way through.
  19. Learn 3 or more new pieces on the piano.
  20. Sew 3 items of clothing.
  21. Read 30 books.
    1. Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley – IN PROGRESS
    2. Anne of Windy Willows by L M Montgomery
    3. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  22. Try 30 new recipes with the aim of several being regulars.
    1. Ugandan Chickennat COMPLETED 14th June 2017
    2. Curry
    3. Roast Chicken
    4. Risotto
    5. Beef Stroganoff
    6. Kedgeree
    7. Brownie
  23. Learn 30 bible verses by heart.
  24. Write 30 handwritten letters to friends.
  25. Write 30 letters to MP or organisations about ethical issues.
  26. Write 30 prayers.



3 responses

15 06 2017

I’m so excited to see how your list develops! I have ticked a few more things off my list that I haven’t managed to blog about yet

18 06 2017

thanks! yea your blog was one of the main things that made me want to do this! 🙂 Don’t think I’ll finish mine but I can always do a 40 before 40 and give myself 10 years instead of 1!

8 06 2018
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