April Fools 2022

1 04 2022

Hello hello! Another year, another morning of scouring the internet for what companies have come up with this year!

It’s good selection in the end, though with a few gaps from some of those who are normally pretty regular, which was a shame. I couldn’t even find any other sites doing roundups to check for what I may have missed, which was odd, but if I find any more later, I’ll add them in at the bottom!

I’ve put captions under each one as some companies delete the posts after the festivities have passed.

Enjoy 😊

Mud from Marble Arch mound to be used to rebuild part of Hadrian’s Wall as part of ‘levelling up’ plans.

Second Severn bridge (Prince of Wales bridge) to be renamed Gareth Bale bridge

Ant & Dec launch Toon Coin cryptocurrency
Walkers launch bread shaped crisps
Tim Farron hosting political fighting show on GB News
Timpson launch wooden eco-keys
Mike Pilavachi quitting Soul Survivor to open a restaurant
Wild deodorant launch cheese scent
Co-op launch luxury salt and vinegar candle
Rylan voicing Alexa
Aldi launch an airline
Dominos garlic and herb dip on tap
Sainsburys launch berry hybrid, the Sainsberry
Marmite Krispy Kremes
Pre-hated jars of Marmite
Everyone can claim a Guinness World Record certificate for when they were the youngest person on earth
Grand Designs spin-off, Bland Designs
Ordnance Survey painting real life contours
Good Morning Britain hosts drops unique plant
Royal Albert Hall launches collection of NFTs

Sniffing Around Urban Small Areas & General Explosives dog joins Surrey Fire & Rescue
Martin Lewis says Twitter are adding an edit button
BBC remaking The Trip with Ed Gamble and James Acaster
Halotop ice cream launch avocado flavour
Morning Live feed Gethin a very spicy apple pie
Frankie & Benny’s ban ketchup
Iceland launch “Hash” brown fries
Guide Dogs UK employ a dog
Solar powered, rain sensoring windscreen wipers for glasses from Must Have Ideas
Pastry scented perfume from Lidl
Mini limo with hot tub
Hampshire Fire & Rescue carry flamethrowers to fight fire with fire
Buy LNER train seats for your home
Lego launch maxifigures
Bremont Williams racing watch which sprays you with champagne
Bison reintroduced to the Thames Basin
Pizza Express vegan garlic lip butter
Timehop predict toothpaste Oreos
Paintings at National Trust properties sent for restoration are replaced by human models
British Transport Police looking for people to sing on new See It, Say It, Sorted, single
Blackpool Tower to be painted tangerine
Dino-cam at Edinburgh Zoo
Mr Blobby on the new face of Big Ben
Honda have front seat pet co-pilot option

SpecsaVARs glasses
Pot Noodle pizza

And lastly, genuinely not sure if this is an April Fool or not, given some of the other mad things they’ve done, but LadBaby has done a Sausage Roll candle

Added after midday as I found them:

“Pam” prequel to Gavin & Stacey
Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance scaring off the birds with new speakers and purple blades
Wired autocomplete glue



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