April Fools Round-Up 2018

1 04 2018

Bit later than normal due to Easter Sunday taking priority, but here we go, a pretty strong year this year! Enjoy!


April Fools 2017

1 04 2017

It may have fallen on a Saturday this year, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a VAST crop of stuff to be found! Enjoy 🙂


April Fools 2016

1 04 2016

After having to work last year, it’s good to be back! Here, for your enjoyment, is my round up of all the April Fools I’ve found this year! Let me know if you spot any that I’ve missed 🙂

ITV announces “Loose Men” with Mark Wright, Peter Andre, Vernon Kay, Paul O’Grady and Richard Madeley

Scotland and Wales could form their own country if Britain leaves the EU – joining by a bridge or tunnel via the Isle of Man

Words being added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Olivia Coleman to be the next Bond

England could be banned from Euro 2016 if Britain leave the EU

White cliffs of Dover to get a fresh coat of paint

Pop up cafe to sell glasses of water from the Thames

Gmail introduced a “send + mic drop” feature which then failed!

EU moves April Fools Day to 2nd April from next year

Campaign to change Kings College to Citizens College

Britain’s Got Talent is adding a trapdoor to the auditions round

EU Member countries to be made to add the ring of stars to their flags

That’s all for now, I’ll probably be back later with ones I missed!

April Fools 2015 – Round up of round ups

1 04 2015

So as I mentioned yesterday, sadly I had to work this year and so couldn’t spend my morning scouring the internet for all the work and creativity people had put into this annual celebration.

To make up for this, I’ve gone for a wander round the internet this evening and gathered together other people’s round ups for you instead. What’s funny is, while there’s a lot of overlap, I think all of them have something different in them!

I’ve put some of my favourites, ones that tickled me, at the bottom – enjoy!

The Poke


The Independent




The Guardian


**EDIT** This wasn’t on any of the highlight websites I found, but my friend posted about Sun Life’s new Beard Insurance

Some of my favourites:


3rd April
I found one more! Ant and Dec are adding Anton Du Beke to their permanent presenting line up!

No April Fools blog for 2015

31 03 2015

Although my morning off on 1st April to collate and blog all the April Fools I can find on the Internet has become something of a tradition (for me, at least), I’m sorry to report that tomorrow I’m on a training course all day and so had to cancel my morning off 😦

I may try to collate in the evening but I know it’s not the same.

See you next year!

April Fools 2014

1 04 2014

Here we go – year 5 of the April Fool’s Round-Up

Links are just in the order I found them, and I’ve put some of my favourites in bold if you only have a few minutes!

In related news, I really hoped this was an April Fool but it seems not….
Nick Griffin says foodbanks are for indigenous Brits only
as the tweet was done in march

April Fools 2013

1 04 2013

This April Fools Round-up has definitely become an annual event now – welcome to year 4!

They’re in no particular order, other than the order I found them in, so definitely check the whole list out!

And here’s a fantastic story that’s not an April fool as it’s in several papers and states it’s not!: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21991622

If I find any more through the day I’ll add them below so do check back later or tomorrow